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graphics & icons by etilia76
05|26|08 - 16:55 - #80: jossverse, misc.
btvs | cordy default
My muse doesn't really cooperate lately...so just a quick post with what I have in my to post folder, a lot of those are challenge entries.

01-09 AtS
10-56 BtvS
57-63 Coupling
64-78 Firefly
79-79 Farscape

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04|18|08 - 06:22(no subject)
btvs | cordy default
Some pimping:

jossverse_lims and ca_lims both have sign-ups open for the next round :)

jossverse_lims: here

ca_lims : here
btvs | cordy default
Just a quick icon dump, to empty my to post folder ;)

1-8 AtS/BtVS (all Cordy, CA)
9-13 SPN
14-37 VM
38-45 fashion related
46-48 Control
49-50 bigger graphics

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btvs | cordy default
WOOOHOOO!!! maiconography has 100 watchers now!

to celebrate, I'm offering to take requests now. Everyone who replies with 1-3 good quality pictures within the next 24 hours, will get some icons. Please link to single pictures, not a whole gallery, 'k?!

I'd make icons from any kind of movie, celebrities (please tell me who is in the picture), stock, fashion or one of my usual TV fandoms (AtS, Blood Ties, Bones, BtVS, Charmed, Dead Like Me, Farscape, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Torchwood, VM) or those that are already in my tags. Please understand that I have no talent in iconning anime/comic.

Everything will be shareable :)

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Multifandom batch, including:

01-20 Angel the Series
21-30 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
31-44 Torchwood
45-48 Wonderfalls
49-65 fashion photography

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03|09|08 - 17:02 - Just some pimping...
btvs | cordy default
If you're into LIMS and the Whedonverse:

Sign-ups for round 4 of cordylims are open now.

Oh, and I'm working on an icon update :)
02|18|08 - 15:19 - 200 Interest Icons
btvs | cordy default
Huge interest icon post, including: Angel the Series, Fiona Apple, Drew Barrymore, Natasha Bedingfield, Callum Blue, Helena Bonham Carter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Burn Notice, Charmed, Dead Like Me, Dr. Who, Farscape, Colin Firth, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gilmore Girls, Bethany Joy Lenz, James Marsters, Rachel McAdams, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nalick, NIN, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey, PotC, Pushing Daisies, Jewel Staite, Trent Reznor, Regina Spektor, Supernatural, Tegan & Sara, The Beatles, The Fray, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Royal Tenenbaums, Uma Thurman, Torchwood, Emily VanCamp, Veronica Mars, Gemma Ward.

All are shareable. Hope you like.

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02|10|08 - 20:00 - Interest Icons
btvs | cordy default
I feel like making a bunch of multifandom icons - the first 20 commenters will get some icons, I'll pick interests from your profile. Everything will be shareable.

20 spots left 2 left

btvs | cordy default
Finally a new post with icons and banners (which I kept rather simple, feel encouraged to edit them to your liking and layout needs). Not so much in love with this set (I'm still fiddling with my new screen's settings and everything looks odd at the moment), but I need to get back into the saddle of iconmaking ;)

001-030 AtS - mostly Angel, Cordy & Illyria
031-043 Bones
044-049 DLM
050-077 Farscape
078-095 fashion photography
096-121 bigger graphics

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